Saturday, September 22, 2012

Afternoon in Plougrescant, Bretagne, France

Stopped by Plougrescant at the recommendation of friends I met in Nantes... the tide was low and I wondered what it would look like when it came up. I would like to watch that some day. The rocks around are rather dramatic, it reminded me a bit of the Monterey coast in California.

then we went searching for the famous house between the rocks, and there it was... with a few other tourists around with us. Cute - I wonder what it is like here in winter.

Last but not least was the chapel with the crooked nave... I guess the structure did not sustain the nave with time/ the naive frescoes on the ceiling were under restoration so we did not get to see much of them... The similarities of this region and its historic churches does make me nostalgic of Macedonia. Macedonian frescoes are special indeed, wish more people came to see and appreciate them.

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